All newly admitted students are required to attend a mandatory orientation session. Students receive notification and documentation about signing up for the UCF Orientation Program once they are admitted to the university. At orientation, students meet with representatives from Undergraduate Student Services and are provided information (i.e., deadlines, how to review degree audit, prerequisites, policies and procedures) regarding UCF and UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management. Advisors discuss major requirements, internship information and assist in creating a class schedule for the incoming semester.

If you wish to petition a General Education course, you will need to petition through Academic Services at http://www.academicservices.ucf.edu/. Fill out the online form. Please be patient, it may take a few weeks to hear back from the department.

If you wish to petition a hospitality course, you will need to petition through UCF Rosen College by visiting the UCF Rosen College Student Services Office and completing a Course Substitution Form. Please attach a course syllabus along with the petition to compare equivalency between the course taken at the previous institution and UCF Rosen College’s course.

As the final transcripts may still be in route or in the process of being updated, keep in mind the student’s TSR and/or degree audit may not be COMPLETELY ACCURATE during orientation advising. The degree audits may take up to 8 weeks into the semester to be entirely updated.

If you have any questions regarding Orientation, please contact Cameron Leonard at Cameron.Leonard@ucf.edu.

Orientation FAQ

Which campus should I sign up for orientation?
Students may attend Orientation on either UCF Main Campus or UCF Rosen College Campus. If you have not seen the UCF Rosen College campus, attending the UCF Rosen College Campus orientation will be a great opportunity to explore the Mediterranean resort-style campus.

Can I sign up for classes in the term prior to my admitted term?
No, students must enroll in at least one (1) course the semester they are admitted.

Will classes still be available if I sign up for a late orientation?
Classes will still be available; however, they may not be at the preferred times.