Undergraduate Degree Programs

Undergraduate Degree Programs

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UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management is a true innovator in hospitality education. The college offers six undergraduate academic degrees, including a Hospitality Management degree, an Entertainment Management degree, an Event Management degree, a Lodging & Restaurant Management degree, Lifestyle Community Management degree, and a Theme Park and Attraction Management degree. In addition, the college offers the only standalone doctoral program in Hospitality Management in the state of Florida.

Our degree programs give you the professional business foundations for a leading edge over the competition. Choose the undergraduate or graduate program that fits your career goals. Academic minors are a valuable supplement to degree programs in a variety of fields. We offer a comprehensive list of courses that cover the entire spectrum of the hospitality industry; from theme parks and attractions to lodging operations and event planning to beer, wine and spirits management.  Remember to review the Cost, Scholarships and Financial Aid webpage for scholarship opportunities for incoming freshman, transfer and current students. Click buttons and links below for more detailed information on each degree and certificate program, minor and track.

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Undergraduate Admissions Deadlines


Semester Deadline
Fall May 1
Spring November 1
Summer March 1


Semester Deadline
Fall July 1
Spring November 1
Summer March 1


Semester Deadline
Fall March 1
Spring September 1
Summer January 1


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Undergraduate Certificate Programs

These certificates are only available to undergraduate students enrolled at UCF.


Certificate Connection Zoom

Learn how to boost your UCF degree with an Undergraduate Certificate from Rosen College. Certificates can be earned in managing sporting events, hospitality information technology, professional tennis management and theme park and attraction management. Watch this video.


*All UCF students, except UCF Rosen College majors, are eligible for these minors.

Undergraduate Specialized Tracks

Information is available on the Hospitality Management B.S. catalog page. Please scroll down to the catalog page to see all information.

Theme Park and Attraction Management Track

Theme Park and Attraction Management Track (15 Credit Hours)

  • HFT 4751 – Managing the Employee Experience in the Theme Park and Attraction Industry Credit Hours: 3
  • HFT 4614 – Risk Management in Theme Parks and Attractions Credit Hours: 3
  • HFT 4759 – Product Development in Theme Parks and Attractions Credit Hours: 3
  • HFT 4752 – Managing the Guest Experience in the Theme Park and Attraction Industry Credit Hours: 3
  • HFT 4758 – Operational Issues in the Theme Park and Attraction Industry Credit Hours: 3
  • HFT 4795 – Entertainment Arts and Events Credit Hours: 3

Lodging Management Track

Lodging Management Track (15 Credit Hours)

  • HFT 3654 – Hospitality Franchising Credit Hours: 3
  • HFT 4253 – Advanced Lodging Operations Credit Hours: 3
  • HFT 4266 – Hospitality Brand Management Credit Hours: 3
  • HFT 4274 – Resort Management Credit Hours: 3
  • HFT 4343 – Hospitality Facilities Management Credit Hours: 3
  • HFT 4473 – Hospitality and Tourism Development Credit Hours: 3
  • HFT 4522 – Resort Sales Tactics and Strategies Credit Hours: 3

Hospitality Information Technology Track

Hospitality Information Technology Track (15 Credit Hours)

  • HFT 3443 – Event Technology Credit Hours: 3
  • HFT 3444 – Hospitality Information Systems Credit Hours: 3
  • HFT 3564 – Digital Marketing for Hospitality Organizations Credit Hours: 3
  • HFT 3447 – Database Management and Internet Security for Hospitality Organizations Credit Hours: 3
  • HFT 3505 – Social Media Management in the Hospitality Industry Credit Hours: 3
Senior Scholars Program

Have you thought about earning a graduate-level certificate or degree?

Become a senior scholar today and get a head start towards completing a Graduate Certificate Program or enjoy a seamless transition into the Rosen College Graduate program.

If you’ve excelled in your undergraduate courses, then you may be eligible to begin your graduate-level courses during your senior year by taking advantage of Rosen College’s Senior Scholars Program. The program allows undergraduate students to get a head start on graduate school by taking up to three (3) graduate-level courses while completing an undergraduate degree.

Benefits include:

  • Earning credits that count toward both undergraduate and graduate degree completion
  • Valuable insight pertaining to the expectations and structure of graduate-level coursework
  • Enhancement of career prospects and increased knowledge of chosen career field

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, individuals with a Master’s degree earn more than those with only a Bachelor’s degree. In addition, top-level managers benefit from the theoretical and leadership knowledge gained through graduate studies.

The Senior Scholars Program is open to exceptional undergraduate students who have earned at least 90 credits and maintained a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

If interested, please email the Director of Student Services to schedule an appointment at Lori.Safford@ucf.edu.