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UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management is a true innovator in hospitality education, offering six academic degrees, including the only Event Management degree of its kind, as well as the only standalone doctoral program in Hospitality Management in the state of Florida.

Our degree programs give you the professional business foundations for a leading edge over the competition. Choose the undergraduate or graduate program that fits your career goals. Academic minors are a valuable supplement to degree programs in a variety of fields. We offer a comprehensive list of courses that cover the entire spectrum of the hospitality industry; from theme parks and attractions to lodging operations and event planning to beer, wine and spirits management. View Undergraduate Degree Info

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*All UCF students, except UCF Rosen College majors, are eligible for these minors.

Undergraduate Specialized Tracks

Undergraduate Certificate Programs

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Learn how to boost your UCF degree with an Undergraduate Certificate from Rosen College. Certificates can be earned in managing sporting events, hospitality information technology, professional tennis management and theme park and attraction management. Watch this video.

Teaching Incentive Program (TIP)

The University of Central Florida’s Teaching Incentive Program (TIP) rewards teaching productivity and excellence. Each academic year, the university shall make available up to 55 TIP awards. The TIP award recognizes in-unit employee contributions to the university’s key goals of offering the best undergraduate education available in Florida and achieving international prominence in key programs of graduate study.

The number of TIP awards available in a college is based on the total number of eligible employees in a given year. Eligible employees must have been employed by UCF for at least four (4) years and meet or exceed median student credit hour (SCH) production at one of the following levels:

  • Undergraduate and graduate SCHs combined at the department level; or
  • Undergraduate and graduate SCHs combined at the college level; or
  • Graduate SCHs at the department level; or
  • Graduate SCHs at the college level

SCH instruction includes classroom, web, and media-enhanced courses.

SCH excludes student credit hours for individualized instruction such as independent studies, practicums, internships, supervised research, dissertations, and theses. SCH also excludes student credit hours for overload assignments.

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