Brian Collins

Mr. Brian Collins


As a former Walt Disney Imagineer, Brian helped create the magic for virtually all of Disney’s Florida theme parks, writing scripts and spiels for some of the world’s most beloved attractions. At other times in his career, Brian has produced work for a who’s-who list of corporations, as well as small entrepreneurial ventures. A passionate educator, he has served on the faculty at several schools, including the University of Central Florida, where he currently teaches a variety of courses related to innovation and theme park design. He is known as an expert on immersive experiences and environments. This, combined with Brian’s love and deep understanding of new and emerging technologies, and, most importantly, how they apply to business, has helped fuel his unique career. Given that, a “normal” day for Brian might include exploring augmented reality, synthetic environments, blockchain, holograms, haptics, or some other exotic “sci-fi” tech that’s out there…or on the way.

Now, as a sought-after Innovation Consultant through his practice known as The Brainstorm Institute, he combines his design-thinking skills with a strategic business acumen, enabling him to offer creative, design, and planning experiences for his clients. His consulting work is built on 3 diverse yet interconnected pillars: Innovation, Education, and Emerging Technologies. Drawing on expertise from any one, or all three of these, allows him to deliver unique and exciting solutions to a wide variety of global clients and verticals including entertainment, consumer products, military, and much more.

In addition to The Brainstorm Institute, Brian also formed to further leverage his background as a Disney Imagineer. He has a large social media following and is a former columnist for WDW Magazine. Brian also served as the Master Story Teller for Snorble, an interactive companion which is being created to engage with parents and children through state-of-the-art A.I., voice recognition, and other exciting proprietary technologies, all designed to promote the development of healthy habits. He currently serves on the advisory board for 4 unique tech-based start-ups. In the past, Brian has served on the Boards of Directors for the Central Florida STEM Education Council and the Central Florida Children’s Safety Village. He is an accomplished speaker, is often interviewed on podcasts, and is available to deliver keynote addresses, lectures, workshops, or other corporate or conference presentations.

Brian earned his master’s degree in Marketing from Webster University where he was a Distinguished Graduate. His Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising was awarded by Texas Tech University. He is also an officer in the United States Air Force auxiliary (Civil Air Patrol), qualified in air search-and-rescue and serves as the FL Wing’s Director of Aerospace Education. On a personal note, Brian is active in his synagogue, claims to be a heck of a good cook, and loves Belgian chocolate…but then again, who doesn’t?

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