Rosanne Perez

Ms. Rosanne Perez

Graphic Designer and Photographer

Room 204I


I’m a qualified graphic designer and photographer with five years of experience in Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, and Canva. With a strong creative eye and analytical skills, I specialize in delivering captivating designs and photographs. I thrive in collaborative environments and pay meticulous attention to detail.

Technical Certificate in Business Specialist, Valencia College
Technical Certificate in Graphic Interactive Design Production, Valencia College
Technical Certificate in Graphic Interactive Design Support, Valencia College
Technical Certificate in Office Support, Valencia College
Responsive Web Design, UCF

Graphic Design: Proficient in design software, creating visually appealing graphics.
Design Thinking: Skilled in problem-solving and generating innovative solutions.
Wireframe Creation: Experienced in planning and visualizing design concepts.
Photography: Keen eye for capturing compelling images and enhancing them.
Computer Literacy: Proficient in utilizing various software and tools.
Attention to Detail: Meticulous in maintaining accuracy in projects.

Passionate about leveraging my expertise to create impactful visual experiences, I continuously expand my skills and stay updated with industry trends and technologies.