Rosen Professional Internships
Experience Hospitality

Mission Statement
It is the mission of the Rosen Professional Internship Office to provide high quality industry experience to our students and highly prepared professionals to our partner employers. We accomplish this through understanding the evolving needs of our partners and developing students to meet the current and future needs of the hospitality industry.

Vision Statement
To be the partner of choice for leading hospitality organizations, providing professional internship opportunities globally.

Getting Started
The Rosen College of Hospitality Management’s curriculum requires all Rosen College students to gain professional experience in their field of study. Students enroll in three, 1-credit hour courses and gain valuable work experience for at least three semesters prior to graduation in progressively more responsible, career driven positions.


  • Clarify academic and career goals
  • Receive major-specific work experience
  • Develop academic and professional skills
  • Apply classroom education to the real world
  • Gain access to professional relationships, techniques and equipment
  • Maximize earning potential and employment opportunities upon graduation

International Internships: Opportunities are available to intern overseas. Click here to see International Internships.

Rosen Professional Internship Process
Step 1: Enroll in the appropriate Internship course, HFT 3940 Internship I, HFT 4941 Internship II or HFT 4944 Internship III

Step 2: Attend the required Internship Orientation and begin your internship course and experience!

For more information on Rosen Professional Internship courses, please contact an Internship Instructors – Ashli Johnson, Jessica Wickey or David Wixted in the Student Services Suite 201 Monday through Thursday, 9AM to 4PM  

Advertise Internship Opportunities to Rosen College students!
Employers are able to reach Rosen College students with internship-eligible positions by submitting an internship opportunity by clicking HERE. Please note that all internship eligible positions must offer a Minimum of 256 hours per semester of hospitality experience to our students while compensating the student intern at least $8.05/hour. Please do not hesitate to contact Ashli Johnson, Jessica Wickey  or David Wixted with any questions.

IAAPA Attractions Expo Ambassador, Nov. 10-18, 2017: For details click here or visit the IAAPA Ambassadors program page.   Apply by May 1.

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