Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Administrative Services

Name Title Phone(s) E-Mail
Ms. Ida Arredondo Senior Fiscal Assistant 407.903.8154
Ms. Catherine Gholson Director of Finance & Administration 407.903.8014
Ms. Sheryl Goins Academic Program Coordinator I 407.903.8168
Mr. Freddy Koveath Administrative Assistant 407.903.8186
Ms. Erica Lincoln Contracts and Grants Manager 407.903.8051
Mr. Robert (Bob) Opdahl Human Resources Manager 407.903.8032
Ms. Mary Perdomo Accountant 407.903.8087

Alumni Relations

Name Title Phone(s) E-Mail
Ms. Susan Boucher Assistant Director 407.903.8810


Name Title Phone(s) E-Mail
Mr. Randy Cefalu Operations Supervisor 407.903.8501

Campus Police

Name Title Phone(s) E-Mail
Security Office 407.903.8060

Communications and Marketing

Name Title Phone(s) E-Mail
Ms. Susan Vernon-Devlin, MS Manager, Communications and Marketing 407.903.8151

Dean's Support Staff

Name Title Phone(s) E-Mail
Ms. Stephanie Gavarrete Executive Assistant to the Dean 407.903.8011
Ms. Itzel “Sophia” Tyner Administrative Assistant - Dean's Office Reception 407.903.8071

Events & Catering

Name Title Phone(s) E-Mail
Ms. A’Rion Raymond Events Manager; Adjunct 407.903.8045 A'
Chef Robb Seltzer M.Ed. Director of Food & Beverage Operations; Instructor 407.903.8160

Facilities Operations

Name Title Phone(s) E-Mail
Mr. Manuel Colón González Custodial Specialist III
Mr. Alexander Fountain Facilities Manager
Ms. Maritza Hernandez-Feliciano Custodial Specialist I
Mr. David Maldonado Controls Specialist II
Mr. Marcial Romero Maintenance Technician I
Mr. Randy Shimmel Maintenance Superintendent 407.903.8002

Graduate Admissions & Programs

Name Title Phone(s) E-Mail
Dr. Murat Hancer Professor; Ph.D. Program Coordinator 407.903.8043
Ms. Kathy Henry Academic Coordinator 407.903.8024
Ms. Ricarya Jackson Administrative Assistant - Graduate Admissions 407.903.8196
Dr. David Kwun Associate Professor; MS Program Coordinator 407.903.8190

Health Services

Name Title Phone(s) E-Mail
Ms Jossiebeth Rivera, RN Registered Nurse 407.284.6048
Ms. Carolyn Downing Dietitian 407.284.6048
Ms. Karina Lopez Medical Assistant 407.284.6048


Name Title Phone(s) E-Mail
UCF Rosen College Apartments – UCF Housing 407.885.4109
Ms. Katherine Del Cid Custodial Specialist III
Ms. Nicole Garcia Graduate Coordinator, UCF Rosen College Apartments
Ms. Marlou Packer Custodial Specialist I


Name Title Phone(s) E-Mail
Ms. Gisele Canova Instructor; Internships Coordinator 407.903.8017
Ms. Jessica Wickey Instructor; Internships Program Director 407.903.8018
Mr. David Wixted, MS Instructor; Internships Coordinator 407.903.8062

Kitchen & Catering Operations

Name Title Phone(s) E-Mail
Ms. Melissa Baxter Culinary Assistant
Ms. Renee Bence Senior Lab Technician 407.903.8038
Mr. Cesar Rivera Cruzado Senior Lab Technician 407.903.8157
Ms. Regina Dennison Custodial Specialist II 407.903.8189
Mr. Nicholas Marsili Culinary Assistant 407.903.8038
Mr. Joel Perez Culinary Assistant 407.903.8038
Mr. Jose Torres Culinary Assistant


Name Title Phone(s) E-Mail
Mr. Timothy Bottorff Head Librarian 407.903.8004
Mr. Gerald Dillon Library Technical Supervisor 407.903.8007
Mr. Stephen Ford Library Technical Assistant II 407.903.8006
Ms. Judy Kuhns Public Services Librarian 407.903.8003
Ms. Gina Rippens Library Technical Assistant II 407.903.8008

Rosen Life

Name Title Phone(s) E-Mail
Ms. Karen Bodden Rosen Life Volunteer Coordinator
Mr. Constantin Claassen Rosen Life Student Director
Ms. Elizabeth Peterson Rosen Life Assistant Student Director

Student Services

Name Title Phone(s) E-Mail
Mrs. Vanessa Blackmon Associate Director 407.903.8025
Ms. Samantha Fox Academic Advisor II 407.903.8089
Ms. Alexis Gates Administrative Support 407.903.8056
Ms. Vanessa Gonzalez Academic Advisor III 407.903.8152
Mr. Fazal Jameer Academic Advisor IV 407.903.8013
Mr. Cameron Leonard Academic Advisor I 407.823.1112
Ms. Wendy McKnight Administrative Assistant I 407.903.8056
Ms. Dao Nguyen Manager 407.823.4498
Mrs. Edwina Norvelus Assistant Director 407.903.8081
Ms. Lori V. Safford, MA Director, Student Services; Adjunct 407.903.8019
Mrs. Rita Simpson Program Manager, Qiddiya Student Cohort 407.903.8005

Student Accessibility Services

Name Title Phone(s) E-Mail
Student Accessibility Services Information 407.823.2371
Ms. Rana Al Rifai Testing Assistant 407.903.8055


Name Title Phone(s) E-Mail
Mr. Fred Okumu Director, Information Technology 407.903.8023
Mr. Patrick Geneus IT Client Support Specialist I 407.903.8155

Undergraduate Admissions

Name Title Phone(s) E-Mail
Undergraduate Admissions 407.903.8166
Ms. Genyth Travis, M.S. UCF Senior Assistant Director, UCF Undergraduate Admissions 407.903.8166

UCF Counseling and Psychological Services

Name Title Phone(s) E-Mail
Ms. Heidi Sposato Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist 407.903.8054