Faculty Directory

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Faculty Directory


Name Title Phone(s) E-Mail
Dr. Youcheng Wang Dean 407.903.8011 Youcheng.Wang@ucf.edu

Associate Deans

Name Title Phone(s) E-Mail
Dr. Robertico Croes Associate Dean, Research & Administration; Professor 407.903.8028 Robertico.Croes@ucf.edu


Assistant Dean

Name Title Phone(s) E-Mail
Dr. Manuel Rivera Assistant Dean; Associate Professor 407.903.8210 Manuel.Rivera@ucf.edu


Department Chairs

Name Title Phone(s) E-Mail
Dr. Alan Fyall Interim Chair, Professor; Graduate Programs Director 407.903.8808 Alan.Fyall@ucf.edu
Dr. Joe Hutchinson Chair, Department of Foodservice & Lodging Management; Associate Professor 407.903.8156 Joe.Hutchinson@ucf.edu
Dr. Kevin Murphy Chair, Department of Hospitality Services; Professor 407.903.8035 Kevin.Murphy@ucf.edu

Department of Foodservice & Lodging Management

Name Title Phone(s) E-Mail
Dr. Robin Back Assistant Professor 407.903.8207 Robin.Back@ucf.edu
Dr. David Black Instructor 407.903.8164 David.Black@ucf.edu
Dr. Diego Bufquin Assistant Professor 407.903.8209 Diego.Bufquin@ucf.edu
Dr. Jason Fridrich Lecturer 407.903.8068 Jason.Fridrich@ucf.edu
Dr. Amy M. Gregory Associate Professor 407.903.8176 Amy.Gregory@ucf.edu
Dr. Peder Hagglund Lecturer 407.903.8160 Hans.Hagglund@ucf.edu
Mr. Jonathan (Jay) Judy Associate Instructor 407.903.8179 Jonathan.Judy@ucf.edu
Dr. Tammie Kaufman Associate Professor 407.903.8033 Tammie.Kaufman@ucf.edu
Dr. Cynthia Mejia Assistant Professor 407.903.8191 Cynthia.Mejia@ucf.edu
Dr. Michael E. Nalley, CHA, CHE, CHT Assistant Professor 602.471.5947 mike.nalley@ucf.edu
Dr. Bendegul Okumus Assistant Professor 407.903.8020 bendegul.okumus@ucf.edu
Dr. Marissa Orlowski Assistant Professor 407.903.8170 Marissa.Orlowski@ucf.edu
Dr. Manuel Rivera Assistant Dean; Associate Professor 407.903.8210 Manuel.Rivera@ucf.edu
Chef Robb Seltzer M.Ed. Instructor; Director of Food & Beverage Operations 407.903.8160 Robert.Seltzer@ucf.edu
Mr. Michael “Doc” Terry Associate Instructor 407.903.8244 Michael.Terry@ucf.edu
Ms. Katherine Wilson Instructor 407.903.8139 Katherine.Wilson@ucf.edu
Mr. David Wixted,MS Instructor; Internship Coordinator 407.903.8062 David.Wixted@ucf.edu

Department of Hospitality Services

Name Title Phone(s) E-Mail
Dr. Mehmet Altin Assistant Professor 407.903.8214 Mehmet.Altin@ucf.edu
Ms. Gisele Canova Instructor; Internship Coordinator 407.903.8017 Gisele.Canova@ucf.edu
Mr. Rick Florsheim Instructor 407.823.4447 Rick.Florsheim@ucf.edu
Dr. Nan Hua Associate Professor and HS Program Coordinator 407.903.8095 Nan.Hua@ucf.edu
Dr. Murat Hancer Professor 407.903.8043 murat.hancer@ucf.edu
Dr. Hyung-il Jung Associate Lecturer 407.903.8175 Hyung.Jung@ucf.edu
Dr. Juhee Kang Assistant Professor 407.903.8138 Juhee.Kang@ucf.edu
Dr. Murat Kizildag Assistant Professor 407.903.8046 murat.kizildag@ucf.edu
Dr. David Kwun Associate Professor 407.903.8190 David.Kwun@ucf.edu
Ms. Vicki Lavendol Associate Instructor 407.903.8050 Vicki.Lavendol@ucf.edu
Dr. Fevzi Okumus Professor 407.903.8177 Fevzi.Okumus@ucf.edu
Dr. Ahmet Ozturk Associate Professor 407.903.8215 Ahmet.Ozturk@ucf.edu
Dr. Jeong-Yeol Park Assistant Professor 407.903.8027 Jeong-Yeol.Park@ucf.edu
Dr. Jorge Ridderstaat Assistant Professor 407.903.8057 Jorge.Ridderstaat@ucf.edu
Dr. Heejung “Cheyenne” Ro Associate Professor 407.903.8075 HeeJung.Ro@ucf.edu
Dr. Denver Severt Associate Professor 407.903.8036 Denver.Severt@ucf.edu
Dr. Valeriya Shapoval Assistant Professor 407.903.8053 Valeriya.Shapoval@ucf.edu
Dr. Dipendra Singh Associate Professor 407.903.8246 Dipendra.Singh@ucf.edu
Dr. Edwin Torres Associate Professor 407.903.8103 Edwin.Torres@ucf.edu
Dr. Jeff Weinland Assistant Professor 407.903.8061 Jeffrey.Weinland@ucf.edu
Ms. Deborah Weissberg Instructor 407.903.8076 Deborah.Weissberg@ucf.edu
Dr. Wei Wei Assistant Professor 407.903.8230 Wei.Wei@ucf.edu
Dr. Elizabeth Yost Assistant Professor 407.903.8216 Elizabeth.Yost@ucf.edu
Dr. Tingting Zhang Assistant Professor 407.903.8195 Tingting.Zhang@ucf.edu

Department of Tourism, Events & Attractions

Name Title Phone(s) E-Mail
Dr. Kayode D. Aleshinloye Lecturer 407.903.8267 Kayode.Aleshinloye@ucf.edu
Sergio Alvarez, Ph.D. Assistant Professor sergio.alvarez@ucf.edu
Dr. Sean Bliznik Visiting Assistant Professor sean.bliznik@ucf.edu
Dr. Deborah Breiter Professor 407.903.8021 Deborah.Breiter@ucf.edu
Mr. Steven Brinkman Instructor 407.903.8266 Steven.Brinkman@ucf.edu
Dr. Duncan Dickson Associate Professor 407.903.8042 Duncan.Dickson@ucf.edu
Mr. Ray Eddy Instructor 407.903.8220 ray.eddy@ucf.edu
Dr. Jill Fjelstul Associate Professor 407.903.8096 Jill.Fjelstul@ucf.edu
Dr. Xiaoxiao Fu Assistant Professor 407.903.8229 Xiaoxiao.Fu@ucf.edu
Dr. Alan Fyall Interim Chair, Professor; Graduate Programs Director 407.903.8808 Alan.Fyall@ucf.edu
Dr. Jeeyeon (Jeannie) Hahm Assistant Professor 407.903.8158 Jeeyeon.Hahm@ucf.edu
Dr. Thomas Harrison Professor Thomas.Harrison@ucf.edu
Dr. Tadayuki (Tad) Hara Associate Professor; Senior Research Fellow, Dick Pope Institute for Tourism Studies 407.903.8174 Tadayuki.Hara@ucf.edu
Dr. Michelle Holm Lecturer 407.903.8198 michelle.holm@ucf.edu
Dr. Arthur Huang, LEED AP Assistant Professor 407.903.8212 Arthur.huang@ucf.edu
Felice Jones Visiting Instructor felice.jones@ucf.edu
Mr. Ronald Logan Associate Professor 407.903.8026 Ronald.Logan@ucf.edu
Dr. Robert Macy Associate Professor 407.903.8276 Robert.Macy@ucf.edu
Dr. Ady Milman Professor 407.903.8040 Ady.Milman@ucf.edu
Dr. Abraham Pizam Professor 407.903.8010 Abraham.Pizam@ucf.edu
Ms. Jessica Richards Instructor 407.823.1589 Jessica.Richards@ucf.edu
Dr. Kelly Semrad Associate Professor 407.903.8048 Kelly.Semrad@ucf.edu
Mr. Arthur D. Sims, II Instructor 407.903.8074 Arthur.Sims@ucf.edu
Dr. Asli D. A. Tasci Associate Professor 407.903.8197 Asli.Tasci@ucf.edu
Dr. Mathilda van Niekerk Associate Professor 407.903.8052 Mathilda.Vanniekerk@ucf.edu
Ms. Jessica Wickey Instructor; Program Director Internships 407.903.8018 Jessica.Wickey@ucf.edu
Dr. Yun Ying (Susan) Zhong Assistant Professor YunYing.zhong@ucf.edu