Surprise Scholarships for Rosen College Students

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Surprise Scholarships for Rosen College Students

Twenty UCF Rosen College students were shocked in a good way, when they were surprised recently with more than $60 thousand dollars in scholarships from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Foundation (AHLEF). The students received invitations to an event under the guise that they were attending an orientation for the dean’s leadership council. However, once they were in the room, the balloons and a giant check brought the reality home as to the real reason they were called to the college. Scholarship committee chair Kate Wilson greeted the students with the news of their scholarships and their expressions of surprise and excitement were priceless.

The scholarship recipients included students from every class year, from incoming freshmen to soon-to-graduate seniors. The amount of the scholarships ranged from $1, 625 to $4,000; in total $62,750 in scholarships were handed out.

UCF Rosen College is one of several colleges and universities that have a partnership with the AHLEF scholarship program. This year, a record-breaking number of UCF students received scholarships. Of these recipients, nine were nominated by the UCF Rosen College scholarship committee and 11 applied on their own.



–Joseph Sardone, PR Intern