Professional Development

Professional Development


Rosen College offers continuing education and executive development for professionals and international students. Opportunities for Rosen undergrads are also available.


Research Recovery and Reskill Webinar Series
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rosen-college-programProfessional Development Programs

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Short-Term Program for International Students

Leadership Development Workshop Series

Developed in the Spring of 2017, the Leadership Development Workshop Series is a series offered to all internship students. We created this series to develop our students into effective leaders, and more marketable candidates. After analyzing Employer’s Feedback, we took the constructive comments and created topics to address the areas of improvement. Industry partners facilitate a 45 minute workshop on various topics. So far, the series has been a phenomenal success! We have mentored over 10,000 students with the collective efforts of our industry partners!

Each Leadership Development Workshop starts with a brief introduction of your career path, followed by your presentation on a leadership topic, ending in Q&A with the students. The workshops are mandatory for all internship students (they must attend 2 workshops per semester), as well as open to all current students and alumni.

Leadership, Professional Development and Job Search Workshops from Past Semesters: