Knights Helping Knights Pantry @ Rosen College

Knights Helping Knights Pantry @ Rosen College

Pineapple Pantry Spring 2024 Schedule

Students, if you are having difficulty affording groceries or accessing sufficient food and nutrition, and believe this may be affecting your college performance, visit our UCF Rosen College Pineapple Pantry.
Students are allowed 5 food items + 1 toiletry per visit.  The Pineapple Pantry is The pantry is located in room 132, through the double doors behind room 122 ( Kitchen Lab 3). For any other information, you can email:

We now have a refrigerator/freezer and will be stocking bread, fruit, dairy products and other assorted fresh items each week!


You may also contact the Knights Helping Knights Pantry at UCF’s main campus or 407-823-3663, for support.


Our Mission:

The Knights Helping Knights Pantry at Rosen College is committed to serving students by providing food to foster continued academic success and increase retention for students in need.

How to use the Knights Helping Knights Pantry @ Rosen College:

  • Bring your UCF Student ID
  • Present your ID to the Rosen Pantry Volunteers
  • Students may choose up to 5 food items and 1 toiletry per day.
  • Place items on scale to be weighed
  • Checkout with volunteer

Knights Helping Knights Pantry @ Rosen College FAQs:

  • Who can utilize the Pantry?  The Knights Pantry at Rosen College is here to help students in need. Current students just need to show a valid UCF Students ID to use the pantry.
  • Are there limits on what students can take? Students may choose up to 5 food items and 1 toiletry item per day.
  • Do Students have to apply or pay to use the Pantry? No.
  • Who runs the Knights Helping Knights Pantry @ Rosen College? This pantry location is managed by Rosen College staff and faculty members with the help of student volunteers. The location is an extension of the Knights Helping Knights Pantry at UCF main campus and is a partnership with the original location.
  • Where is the Knights Helping Knights Pantry @ Rosen College located? The pantry is in Room 101C, accessible through the foyer of the Darden Auditorium lobby.

Get Involved

You can help keep the shelves stocked by donating food items and now you have the option to make a financial contribution through the UCF Foundation. Visit and select RCHM Knights Pantry in the drop down menu. Your donations will go to support the food pantry on this campus and Rosen College students. This link can also be shared with your network if you know someone that would like to support our efforts to make sure students don’t have to choose between food and textbooks.

Click HERE to learn more about Getting Involved.

Click HERE for Additional Resources to help students.

Click HERE for Knight-cipes, 5 Ingredient Recipes

How it Began/How it’s Going

On February 3, 2020, with the leadership of Rosen College Staff Members and the support of our Administration, Faculty, Staff and Students the Knights P

antry at Rosen College opened to provide resources for our students who are experiencing food insecurity. The Pantry is located on campus in 101C (the door is on the right side of the Darden Auditorium lobby). Email for more info. See the grand opening as featured in UCF Today!

You can also take a look at the pantry on video.

In four short months of operation in 2020, Knights Helping Knights Pineapple Pantry served 115 individual students (non-repeats), with 12 volunteers and provided 564lbs of non-perishable food. The Pantry received 909 lbs. of donated non-perishable foods.

Any food that was within 4 months of expiring/shelf date, that would have been lost due to the closure during the pandemic, was donated to the main campus pantry. Thus far we have donated 82lbs of precious food to KHK Main Campus Pantry. Unfortunately we lost 41lbs of food.

The pantry also received a $12,000 cash donation from the Langford Foundation to buy food items and possibly a refrigerator to store perishable foods. (Thanks Dr. Pizam, for your continued support). Without the tremendous support of faculty, staff and alumni, Knights Helping Knights  (KHK) Pineapple Pantry would not be possible.