$300K+ Awarded in Scholarships for 2018-19

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$300K+ Awarded in Scholarships for 2018-19

UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management had the honor of recognizing over 100 students with nearly 120 scholarships. The auditorium was filled with friends and family members to celebrate the achievements these students have accomplished. This year’s Award Ceremony took place on Tuesday, October 30, 2018, at 10:30 a.m. in the Darden Auditorium, with a reception that followed in the Disney Dining Room, where food and beverages were served. These students stand out from the rest, as approximately 800 scholarship applications were submitted. Considering Rosen College usually receives about a third of that number in submissions, this breaks the record for submissions by a substantial margin. The committee screened a total of 272 applicants.

The scholarships are distributed over two semesters, one half for the current or fall semester, and the other half for the spring semester. Harris Rosen himself attended the event to award the scholarships, along with Dr. Youcheng Wang; this is his first year as Dean of Rosen College. Dr. Robin Back returned again this year as the Master of Ceremonies. These men, as well as the many scholarship sponsors, all appeared in order to support the students. We congratulate all of the students and thank our generous donors and partners for their support.






The list of scholarship recipients is as follows:

The Abe Pizam Scholarship            

o   Alexandra Cizek

o   Samantha Davis

o   Cecelia Hu

o   Chloe John

o   Tyler Mower

The Bloomin’ Brands Scholarship

o   Lillian Bell

The Bob Snow Roast & Toast Scholarship

o   Emily Muniz

The Celebration Wish Foundation Scholarship

o   Rachel Hammaker

o   Kevin Karvonen

The David Schaefer Memorial Scholarship

o   Timothy Campbell

o   Kyle Cardone

The Dr. Frank Juge Study Abroad Scholarship

o   Courtney Coniglio

The Etta Jean & Dr. Frank Juge Graduate Scholarship

o   Melissa Farboudi Jahromi

The First Watch Restaurants Scholarship

o   Christopher Elekes

The Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association Scholarship

o   Tania Imani

The Gary C. Sain Memorial Scholarship

o   Michael Ham

o   Cecelia Hu

o   Matthew Temmer

o   Julie Wehmeyer

The Harris Rosen Grenada Scholarship

o   Jaydelle Celestine

o   Kemandra Pierre

The Hilton Grand Vacation Scholarship

o   Leigh Swistock

The Hospitality Finance & Technology Professional Scholarship

o   Emily Kushner

o   Fuka Matsumura

o   Helena Shawver

o   Jessica Stewart

o   Jessica Waites

The IAAPA Foundation Scholarship

o   Megan Gannon

o   Taya Miller

o   Celia Roulet

The Langford Family Scholarship

o   Derek Dehart

o   Paul Elkins

o   Bridget Frost

o   Kailyn Mariot

o   Sarah Tarlowski

o   Matthew Temmer

The Meeting Professionals International Scholarship

o   Alexandra Carocci

o   Samantha Coville

o   Shyloh Gongwer

The Pineapple Ball Scholarship

o   Candice Lucian

o   Victoria Martinez

o   Blair Pott

o   Kateryna Serhiyenko

o   Taylor Zapf

The Pinnacle Vodka Scholarship

o   Mariella Montoya

The Premiere Show Scholarship

o   Gabrielle Rayner

o   Samantha Ward



 The Harris Rosen Hospitality Management Scholarship

o   Yssa-Karim Augustin

o   Jacqueline Barajas

o   Shannon Barry

o   Lindsay Bauman

o   Danielle Bellettiere

o   Justin Berthiaume

o   Alison Bomentre

o   Makayla Burley

o   Kyle Cardone

o   Alexandra Cizek

o   Corey Clancy

o   Derek DeHart

o   Demi Diaz

o   Lauryn Dixon

o   Rebecca Doman

o   Christopher Elekes

o   Paul Elkins

o   Debra Feliciano

o   Shenella Foster

o   Bridget Frost

o   Kayla Fuhrman

o   John Gallagher

o   Destiny Garcia

o   Jenae Gay

o   Cheryl Jones

o   Ryuichi Karakawa

o   Minerva Lopez

o   Melina Lopez Cora

o   Sebastian Ludwig

o   Sarah McKay

o   Kiara Miranda Berrios

o   Alexes Moreno

o   Tyler Mower

o   Katrina Palenzuela

o   Sylvia Porach

o   Jenelly Santiago

o   Samantha Santoro

o   Samantha Ward

o   Avery Williams

o   Maria Yim

The RCHM Housing Scholarship

o   Kacy Cartwright

o   Sarah Crouse

o   Anisia Dwifitrilia

o   Avery Engelman

o   Megan Green

o   Haley Greene

o   Kimberly Hodges

o   Melanie Hurtado

o   Sarah Jameer

o   Alexis Jasper

o   Lucy Kernodle

o   Alison Kirkland

o   Kathryn Lentz

o   Paola Elisa del Carmen Machado Douaihi

o   Melanie Malczewski

o   Laura Meat

o   Gretlan Moody

o   Paige Renyhart

o   Courtney Saint Onge

o   Ngan Tran

o   Melissa Vazquez

o   Kindia Vertilua

o   Taylor Weaver

o   Shelby Williams

o   Matthew Workman

The SKAL International – Orlando Scholarship

o   Kiara Miranda Berrios

The Sysco – Central Florida Scholarship

o   Kayla Kurmaskie

The W.A. Pop Reddick Scholarship

o   Jennifer Tate



— Joseph Sardone, PR Intern