Rosen College Dean’s Star Award – Deb Weissberg

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Rosen College Dean’s Star Award – Deb Weissberg

On January 18, 2019, Dean Youcheng Wang presented the first Rosen College Dean’s Star Award to Professor Deborah Weisberg, or Professor Deb as she is fondly known.  The Dean’s Star Award is presented each month to a faculty or staff member who exemplifies the Rosen College’s vision and mission to become a global center of excellence.

Here are the qualifications that led the dean to choose Professor Deb for the Star Award:

Professor Deb has taught more than 3,500 students at Rosen College of Hospitality Management in the past six years. Her mentees can be found on nearly every continent. She has facilitated employment for more than 700 students and they have worked at the World Cup, Cannes Film Festival, and the Indigenous Games in Brazil.  She has even helped a mentee attain a position in the White House, as a member of First Lady Michelle Obama’s event planning team. Teaching introduction to Hospitality and Tourism, Guest Services and Hospitality Communications, Professor Deb delivers the foundations of the hospitality business. When she teaches Guest Services, she instills the basics for sensational service, as endorsed by authors and leaders in the industry.  Professor Deb also teaches a most demanding course, Hospitality Communications; in that course she runs a “Dream Job Boot Camp” and develops expertise in students in business, cross-cultural service and communications.

Professor Deb has been a guest speaker for those visiting Orlando and for training DMOs and other industry professionals and represent the Rosen College so well. She Shares her knowledge and guest services with international groups and student mentoring programs, she has provided specialized training for guest services on Disney properties, for the International Resort Area Chamber of Commerce and as a volunteer for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Most importantly, she loves our students so much that she always refers them as “my kids”, not in a biological sense of course.

Congratulations Professor Deb!