Dean’s Star Award Recognizes Instructor and Mentor Vicki Lavendol

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Dean’s Star Award Recognizes Instructor and Mentor Vicki Lavendol

Tiny in stature, but big in heart and knowledge-sharing, Vicki Lavendol was selected by Dean Youcheng Wang to be the recipient of the September 2019 Dean’s Star Award. This is what was said about her in the nomination forms:

Vicki Lavendol is an outstanding example of professionalism and leadership in every way. She is an especially motivated and talented teacher who takes her work and commitment to professionalism very seriously. She is well organized, highly competent, energetic, cooperative team player and leader that has made many positive contributions to the Hospitality Management Degree at the Rosen College since her arrival. Not only does she have strong individual professionalism skills, she is a leader in work groups/teams and committees. She is supportive of other colleagues and takes the initiative to go out of her way to assist students and mentor countless colleagues. She is a dedicated, hardworking, diligent teacher, community leader and demonstrates professionalism under all circumstances.

She is always looking for ways and opportunities to go above and beyond and this is most notably demonstrated in her commitment to service. She is the first to volunteer regularly for service opportunities, especially in leadership roles, and is a true team player. She has taken advantage of many opportunities afforded faculty at the University of Central Florida to develop professionally and to be involved in service as a leader. She is a sincere and thoughtful individual with ability to set and achieve goals, and accomplish challenging opportunities utilizing high ethical standards. She is student centered and is a faculty leader. Her leadership and service records including multiple years of volunteer service as the course leader and mentor for Hospitality Communications, Quality Enhancement Plan Faculty Fellow and board member of the  Women’s Hospitality Leadership Forum. She is also the leader and facilitator of the Rosen College Teaching Colloquium.

To learn more about Vicki Lavendol visit her profile page on the Rosen College website.