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Secretary, Knights of the RELM

E-mail: mi690878@ucf.edu

Major: Event Management, B.S. Student


Mia is an undergraduate student at the Rosen College of Hospitality Management pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Event Management.

Mia is a current transfer Junior, so she is working up her experience in the hospitality industry. This summer she will be a Recreation Specialist for The Breakers in her hometown. Throughout her first semester at Rosen, Mia tried to get involved as much as possible! She volunteered with different companies and became part of clubs like POMP (where she is a mentee), WinShape, Cru, and now the Secretary of Knights of the RELM!

Mia is from Palm Springs, Florida and has always had a passion at raising awareness for important causes such as human trafficking. Especially after learning about the fight and growing of an issue, human trafficking is not only locally but internationally. She is very thankful to be part of such an amazing and educational organization such as Knights of the RELM. Throughout her time in KOTR she hopes to continue to grow and be given the opportunity to educate and raise awareness to others!