Founding Sponsors

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Founding Sponsors

At launch, The Lab is supported by two major sponsors Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals (HFTP) and Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG).

Founded in 1952 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, HFTP is a global non-profit professional association for financial and technology personnel working in hotels, clubs and other hospitality-related businesses. HFTP provides first class educational opportunities, including, the world’s largest hospitality technology show HITEC, research, and publications to members around the globe.

HTNG is a global not-for-profit trade association that fosters, through collaboration and partnership among hoteliers and technology providers, the development of next-generation solutions enabling global business enterprises. HTNG is providing work group opportunities and solutions for The Lab over at a three year period.

Rosen College is the ideal home for the Hospitality Technology & Innovation Lab. Our expertise, location and partnerships uniquely position us to lead the way. As an industry leader, we invite you to join us in this transformational project.

For more information about the Hospitality Technology & Innovation Lab, contact:

Dr. Youncheng Wang, Associate Dean, Professor, Academic Affairs & Research
Rosen College of Hospitality Management
9907 Universal Boulevard
Orlando, FL 32819