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Our Impacts and Past Work

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Human trafficking, a grave and widespread global issue, casts a shadow over multiple sectors, with the hospitality industry emerging as a significant arena in the fight against sex trafficking. Despite the ramping up of anti-human trafficking training by governments and corporations, the extent to which hotel employees engage with these initiatives remains a critical yet under-explored area. Addressing this gap, the latest research led by Dr. Tingting (Christina) Zhang at the UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management focuses on unraveling the factors that drive employee engagement in anti-trafficking measures within the hotel industry. This research is pivotal, aiming to develop a comprehensive framework that can effectively amplify employee participation in these initiatives. Given the alarming global statistics, with over 40 million individuals entrapped in human trafficking for forced labor and sexual exploitation, the significance of this study is profound. It highlights the crucial role the hospitality industry and its workforce can play in the broader, global fight against human trafficking, offering new insights and practical approaches to combat this heinous crime.

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Zhang, T., Ronzoni, G., Medeiros, M., & Bufquin, D. (2022). A qualitative assessment of hotel employee engagement in anti-human-trafficking initiatives. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 102, 103148. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijhm.2022.103148