Our Book Publications

Our Book Publications

Human Trafficking: A Systemwide Public Safety and Community Approach (2nd Edition) (2023)

This enhanced edition of Human Trafficking: A Systemwide Public Safety and Community Approach is a substantially expanded compilation of the first edition. It includes several additional components of the response to human trafficking and highlights the key roles performed by investigators, prosecutors, judges, corrections, social services, community and faith-based organizations, criminal justice, healthcare, the hospitality industry, media, and educational institutions-as described by forty-six leaders, practitioners, and experts who are in these roles, at the forefront of the battle. Accordingly, it “takes a village” made up of defined public affairs leadership and action from many sectors to fight human trafficking and recover victims, and this book stretches across several disciplines which are presented, in-depth, throughout fifteen chapters. This book also offers the reality and the “state of” human trafficking to the reader through the riveting testimony of the “lived experience” and voices of five survivors.

Intended for multiple audiences within academia and practitioners in the field by suggesting models and methods, this book can be used to better understand and approach human trafficking holistically and systematically at the community and regional levels. Unlike any other, it is an edited collection of separate conversations and authentic voices in each chapter that describes the approaches and the overarching narratives and themes of the response to human trafficking, reflecting the point of view and experience of the individual authors and contributors-thereby making a strong contribution to the literature in the field.

Chapter Title: Human Trafficking and the Hospitality Industry

Authors: Wickey, J., Bufquin, D., Medeiros, M.*, & Zhang, T

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All royalties from this book go into a special fund at the University of Central Florida’s Center for the Study of Human Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery.

Paths to the Prevention and Detection of Human Trafficking (2022)

Statistics show that the hospitality industry is particularly vulnerable to human trafficking. Over 80% of reported human trafficking cases involve hotels or hospitality-related venues, including spas and restaurants, etc. This chapter articulates the measures that the hospitality industry could employ to prevent the abuse of its properties for purposes of human trafficking. The chapter presents an overview of human trafficking prevention followed by an exploration of the leveraging of technology within the hotel and hospitality industry as well as a discussion of current and future prevention efforts surrounding hotel services, smart hotels, and its effective integration aimed at reducing trafficking activity.

Chapter Title: The Role of the Hospitality Industry in Preventing Human Trafficking

Authors: Zhang, T. & Potter, R.H

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Please consider supporting the UCF HTMS Center by purchasing a copy of this comprehensive human trafficking textbook. All proceeds go to support the HTMS Center and its anti-trafficking efforts. You can find the book here.