Dr. Chait Rendu

Dr. Chait Rendu

Assistant Professor


Dr.Chait Rendu is an Assistant Professor at the Rosen College of Hospitality Management with the department of Tourism, Events and Attractions. Dr.Rendu works with the infectious disease and travel health initiative at the Rosen College of Hospitality Management. https://www.ucf.edu/news/3-ucf-colleges-receive-4-5m-for-infectious-disease-travel-health-research/. He holds a master’s degree in Bio Medical Science and a PhD Modelling and Simulation from the University of Central Florida.

His research interests include travel and health data modeling with a focus on community health and resiliency. In community health, his interests include utilization of synthetically generated health data to facilitate collaboration and data sharing across organizations, generation of community scale knowledge graphs, community health outcome modeling, community health systems design, community scale AI applications, community health network analysis and evidence-based community health planning.

In tourism and travel health his interests encompass the promotion of cultural tourism with AI and data science, Tourism Specialization in emerging and rural regions, measurement models of democratization and related constructs such as social capital, equity, inclusion, and uniqueness. Construction of models and systems to manage destinations and promote policy making and participation. Systems design to facilitate travel planning, cultural tourism, social inclusion, destination management and transfer learning between travel stakeholders and destinations.

Prior to joining RCHM, He worked as a senior community health data analyst for the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. In this capacity, he analyzed data sets from EPIC , Unite US and the Redcap survey system related to collaborative community health interventions. Previously, He worked with over 60 health care partners to develop and implement the Community Health Improvement Plan for Orange County, Florida Department of Health.

While with the Business Incubator at University of Central Florida, He coached over 100+ technology startups as a growth strategist. He continues to have an interest in business accelerators, technology Incubators and to develop travel and community healthcare related entrepreneurial coaching programs to support related Technology Startups in emerging markets. He has interests in technology and process innovation and entrepreneurship to improve health resilience and community health outcomes.