Judging Guidelines

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Judging Guidelines

These are the specific items that judges will use to evaluate each submission.

Business Description: Details of the venture and what it does.

  1. How well was the concept explained?
  2. How reasonable is the new concept?
  3. How sustainable is the new concept?
  4. How scalable is the new concept?

Market Analysis: Characteristics of the market and description of its customers.

  1. To what extent is there a genuine need for the product or service?
  2. How well was the target market defined?
  3. How strong is the size and growth of the market?
  4. How strong is the consumers’ willingness to pay for the product/service?

Product or Service Analysis: The specifics of the product or service.

  1. To what extent is the description clear?
  2. To what extent is the product feasible?
  3. How easily can it be duplicated?
  4. To what extent is there a threat from potential substitutes for the product?

Competition: Identify current and potential competitors.

  1. To what extent have the current and potential competitors, competitive response, and analysis of strengths and weaknesses been adequately defined?

Marketing Strategy: How sales will be achieved.

  1. How realistically defined is the marketing plan?
  2. To what extent does the plan adequately address price, product, place, and promotion?
  3. To what extent are resources sufficiently allocated for marketing?

Operations: How the product or service will be produced and delivered.

  1. What is the likelihood of securing resources required for production?
  2. To what extent is there an ability to operate competitively and grow?

Finances: An overview of the required resources and economics of the venture.

  1. How compelling is the business model?
  2. To what extent have the resources required for the venture been addressed?
  3. To what extent has the team clearly and adequately presented a breakeven analysis?
  4. How reasonable are the financial projections?
  5. To what extent are there prospects for long-term profitability?

Investment Proposal: The terms and conditions offered to investors.

  1. To what extent did the entrepreneurial team explain the funding?
  2. How clearly were offerings to investors and anticipated returns explained?
  3. To what extent did the team calculate a realistic valuation?
  4. How feasible is the exit strategy?

Presentation: Overall effectiveness of the actual presentation.

  1. To what extent did the presenter(s) engage the audience and hold their attention?
  2. To what extent did the presenter(s) appear to speak with confidence authority?
  3. To what extent were visual aids (i.e. PowerPoint® slides) clear and valuable?
  4. To what extent was the pitch exciting and compelling?
  5. How efficiently did the team allot their time?

Overall Value: The feasibility and originality of the venture idea.

  1. Chances of success
  2. Originality of idea
  3. Judges gut feeling