Graduate Program Testimonials

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Graduate Program Testimonials


In support of the MS in Event Leadership:

“This program will serve the needs of the global meetings, conventions and events business, enhancing the level of professionalism among its practitioners and generating future employment opportunities across this multibillion-dollar industry.

Graduates of this Master of Science program are expected to be in high demand with skillsets specific to the ever-evolving events field, with an emphasis on strategic planning, event design, analytics, technology and digital support, marketing and sustainability.”

Thomas Mazloum
Disney Signature Experiences

In support of the MS in Event Leadership:

“With the expanded curriculum of the master’s program, these candidates will have an even bigger advantage for both employment and advancement than any applicant we have today.

Having candidates come in with broader understanding of event analysis, use of technology, design principals and many other core competencies is very attractive to us. Additional training marketing, relationships and business practices will also yield an enhanced ability to contribute to our future success.”

Vic Laxson
Sr. Vice President/General Manager
Hello! Florida Destination Management

In support of the MS in Event Leadership:

“By serving the needs of the live meetings, conventions and events industry at a national and global level, this program will further enhance the level of professionalism in the workforce and generate future employment opportunities in our evolving industry.”

Mark Tester
Executive Director
Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL

In support of the MS in Event Leadership:

“A formal graduate level program focused on developing leadership skills for senior-level event management professionals will allow this dynamic industry to grow and evolve beyond our current vision. It is important that graduates have an advanced ability to critically think through existing and emerging challenges, analyze and assess global industry trends and market forces, and have the proficiency to build and execute a strategic plan. Today’s leaders need to understand how to effectively integrate technology into the event space while balancing the dilemma of sustainability and social responsibility.”

Joe Dzaluk
President and CEO
Special Olympics USA Games, Orlando 2022

In support of the MS in Event Leadership:

“Entertainment Technology Partners (ETP) is the parent company to a global connection of audio-visual brands in the events and entertainment industry. Having nearly 40 years in the live event business, we have seen first-hand the need for the advanced academic study of impactful leadership.

The sophistication  of the events field has grown at a rapid pace and is projected to surpass 1.5 trillion dollars annually by 2028.

As our industry has matured and our company has grown, we and the industry at large would benefit greatly from an industry specific advanced level degree program. It has only been in recent years that we have seen academic programs that target the nuances of our work. Advanced degree programs such as the M.S., Events Leadership build on the foundation of the already successful undergraduate programs.”

David John
Chief Operating Officer

Take a look at this video testimonial  prepared by the Study Abroad Dual-Degree Masters students from IULM in Milan, Italy, who studied at Rosen College in 2018-19.
Lyublena Dimova “Throughout my education, I was honored to attend several international universities (Bulgaria, The Netherlands, Portugal and Florida), but nowhere have I found more engaged faculty than at Rosen College. Encouragement came from all sides, which challenged me to stretch and grow and find personal qualities I didn’t know I had.”

Lyublena Dimova
Research & Development Trainee,
The European Travel Commission

Adam-Militello-ucf-rosen-college-graduate-program “The master’s program emphasizes leadership, professional development and industry expertise that support my career.”

Adam Militello
Business Analyst,
SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

Daniel-Veingrad-ucf-rosen-college-masters-program “The graduate program gave me a competitive advantage in the job market by exposing me to prominent industry leaders who challenged my strategic thinking.”

Daniel Veingrad
Travel Industry Sales,
Universal Orlando Resort

Natalie-Starr-ucf-rosen-college-graduate-program “Courses engage students to work collaboratively with companies within the Central Florida area. Rosen College offers students a chance to grow as individuals and connect with industry leaders which has been invaluable to my executive career.”

Natalie Starr
Florida Division Recruiter and HR Assistant,

Diane-Graebner-ucf-rosen-college-hospitality-masters “After my first week at Rosen I knew I’d made a perfect choice! Every assignment and every class has made me not only a better employee, but a better person.”

Diane Graebner
Sales Counselor,
Universal Orlando Resort

Paula-Henry-ucf-rosen-college-hospitality-graduate-program “The master’s program at Rosen offers a diverse group of professors who encourage creative critical thinking. In my current profession, I have applied learned methodologies and made significant contributions toward practical solutions.”

Paula Henry
Elite Special Services Coordinator,
Starwood Vacation Network

Caroline-Day-ucf-rosen-college-graduate-program “Rosen has profoundly changed the way that I look at the world. The perspective shift has made me a better supervisor, service provider and innovator!”

Caroline E. Day
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Josh-Wilson-ucf-rosen-college-masters-degree “The master’s program at Rosen College has given me the opportunity to be competitive among my peers in terms of experience and education. The doors it has opened are amazing.”

Josh Wilson
Guest Service Manager,
Walt Disney World Resort Operations

Aaron-Rask-ucf-rosen-college-graduate-program “I completed the master’s program in December 2013 and since then, I feel grateful whenever I look back and reflect on my time there. Rosen College is a tremendous place and a leader in the hospitality community.”

Aaron Rask
Edelweiss Lodge and Resort,
Garmisch, Germany

Aaron-Rask-ucf-rosen-college-graduate-program “The content, flexibility and guidance that the graduate program offers is truly astonishing. Our professors and counselors are available around the clock to answer any questions or provide guidance toward our academic goals.”

Felipe Robine
Director of Product – The Caribbean,
Tourico Holidays