Theme Park & Attraction Management Track

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Theme Park & Attraction Management Track

Theme Park & Attraction
Management Track

The Rosen College of Hospitality Management at the University of Central Florida is located in the heart of the theme park capital of the world – Orlando, Florida.  Orlando is home to eight major theme parks and four themed water parks.  In addition, there are dozens of smaller attractions that feature a variety of unique themes.  Rosen College has capitalized on this location to develop the world’s only program dedicated to theme park and attraction management.  As part of our Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management, students are able to take a series of courses in a specialized track of study for those interested in careers in the theme park and attractions industry.

Program Highlights

1) Students will learn from world renowned faculty, some of whom have held executive positions with major theme park companies.  Rosen College also utilizes current theme park leaders as adjunct professors and guest lecturers.

2) The program uses the Orlando area’s theme park industry as a living laboratory.  Students are taken on field trips and assigned projects that incorporate the area’s attractions.  The Future Theme Park Leaders Association (FTPLA) is a very active student organization that plans familiarization tours and an annual trip to California to visit and study the west coast’s theme park landscape.

3) As the capital of the theme park and attraction industry, Orlando hosts the annual International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions (IAAPA) conference.  Students are able to attend the conference and volunteer to serve as a trade show ambassador.  There are also myriad theme park special events for students to participate in as well as the opportunity to complete the required internship component of the degree as a theme park employee.



The Theme Park and Attractions Management Track requires 15 credits from the following courses.  This is in addition to the academic and internship requirements for the B.S. in Hospitality Management degree.

  • HFT 4755 Theme Park and Attraction Management
  • HFT 4614 Risk Management in Theme Parks and Attractions
  • HFT 4751 Managing the Employee Experience in the Theme Park and Attraction Industry
  • HFT 4752 Managing the Guest Experience in the Theme Park and Attraction Industry
  • HFT 4758 Operational Issues in the Theme Park and Attraction Industry
  • HFT 4759 Product Development in Theme Parks and Attractions
  • HFT 4795 Entertainment Arts and Events