Undergraduate Certificate in Hospitality, Health, and Wellbeing

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Undergraduate Certificate in Hospitality, Health, and Wellbeing

Central Florida serves as a dynamic center for service sectors, where cutting-edge hospitality innovations significantly enhance health and wellbeing. This specialized Undergraduate Certificate is designed for students eager to expand their expertise in integrating comprehensive, health-focused practices within diverse hospitality environments.

Program Overview

The program provides a thorough grounding in the essential role that hospitality plays in the promotion of health and wellbeing. It offers a blend of mandatory courses and elective options, allowing students to tailor their educational journey to best suit their professional goals in the health-centric sectors of the hospitality industry.

Earning the Certificate

The Undergraduate Certificate in Hospitality, Health, and Wellbeing like all certificate programs has course requirements that must be fulfilled in order to complete the program and earn a certificate. See below:


15 total semester hours with minimum grade and average GPA requirements:

  • 6 hours required courses
  • 9 hours restricted electives

No course grade lower than a C will be accepted for the certificate requirements.

The average GPA for the five courses must be 3.00 or higher.

At least 12 credit hours used towards the certificate must be earned at UCF.

Required Courses – 6 hours (2 courses, 3 credit hours each)

  • HFT 3540 – Guest Services Management I (P/M/W)
  • HUN 3013 – Nutrition Concepts and Issues in the Food Service Industry (M/W)

Restricted Electives – 9 hours (3 courses, all options are 3 credit hours) – Students select three additional courses from the following:

  • FSS 3003C – Culinary Health (M)
  • FSS 3245 – Culinary Cannabis (M/W)
  • HFT 3012 – Gastronomy and Wellness Tourism (M/W)
  • HFT 3014 – Wellness Management in Hospitality and Tourism (M/W)
  • HFT 3209 – International Spa Management in the Hospitality Industry (M/W)
  • HFT 4252 – Employees Wellbeing in Hospitality and Tourism (M/W)


  • Courses marked (P) are offered fully in-person
  • Courses marked (M) are offered in mixed-mode
  • Courses marked (W) are offered in web-based (fully online) mode
  • Courses marked with more than one teaching modality may be offered in any of the denoted modalities but may not be offered in all of the denoted modalities
  • Not all classes are offered every semester. Please refer to myUCF for class schedules