Academic Standing – Probation/ReAdmission

Academic Standing – Probation/ReAdmission

This information is for Rosen College Students ONLY. If you are on academic probation from another UCF college, please contact those academic advisors. Thank you.

What is Academic Probation?

A student is placed on academic probation when their UCF GPA drops below a 2.0. Academic probation will continue until the current term and UCF GPA reach a 2.0 or better. Once placed on academic probation, a student must earn at least a term GPA of 2.0 or better in each term of enrollment until they are removed from academic probation. Failure to achieve a minimum 2.0 term GPA during their subsequent term of enrollment will result in disqualification from the University.

Disqualification means that the student will be unable to enroll at UCF.  Readmission to UCF is not automatic and the disqualified student will need to apply for readmission to UCF after sitting out a minimum of two consecutive semesters.

Those who have not attended UCF for two consecutive semesters, have been academically suspended, or have previously earned a baccalaureate degree at UCF and are currently pursuing a 2nd bachelor’s degree should fill out an application for readmission.

This form is for undergraduate student use only. Application processing requires approximately ten working days. You may be required to submit an updated “Health Form” prior to readmission. Contact UCF Student Health Services for additional information regarding this requirement.

You will need to be able to access your student records to complete the online readmission application. Click here for help on how to access your student records.

How Do I Know if I am on Academic Probation?

You will know if you are on Academic Probation by checking your academic standing. You can view your academic standing through MyUCF Student Self Service:

  • Log into your Student Center
  • From the drop down box labeled “other academic…”, select “Grades”

You will want to view your grades from the last semester you were enrolled to see your current academic standing. Your academic standing can be viewed by scrolling down to the bottom of this page.

If your academic standing has been impacted, the Registrar’s Office and UCF Rosen College will be in contact you via Knights E-Mail throughout the semester. Please check your Knights E-Mail account often for important information from RCHM regarding your academic standing.

If you have any questions regarding your academic standing and you are currently pursuing or planning to pursue a major within UCF’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management, please contact Vanessa Blackmon, Student Services Associate Director, immediately by emailing . Please reach out using your Knights E-Mail.

To determine which course equivalents can be used please click HERE.

What’s next?

Please see below for an explanation appropriate for your current academic standing:

  • Academic standing is “Removed”

    Congratulations on your progress! You should retain the attitude and motivation that improved your academic standing at UCF. You are encouraged to remain vigilant when selecting courses while your GPA improves.

  • Academic standing is “Placed on Probation” or “Continued on Probation”

    As a result of being placed or continued on Academic Probation,  an advising hold will be put on your records after the Add/Drop/Swap deadline. This hold will not be lifted until you have successfully completed all the  advising requirements.

  • Academic standing is “Disqualified”

    Students who are Disqualified will not be able to enroll in UCF courses. Disqualified students may apply for readmission to UCF after sitting out a minimum of two consecutive semesters and completing the steps outlined below, but readmission is not guaranteed.

    We strongly encourage disqualified students who hope to return to UCF and pursue a Rosen College of Hospitality major to connect with a Rosen College adviser through the steps of the readmission process outlined below. Please contact us via email and include your full name, UCF ID, and your planned major.

    To be considered for readmission after disqualification, you will need to complete the following:

    1. Disqualified students must sit out a minimum of two (2) semesters between their last enrolled term at UCF and the readmission term, though it may take longer to complete the other requirements below.
    2. If you did not already meet your General Education Program, State Core, Summer Enrollment, and Gordon Rule requirements before leaving UCF, you must earn an AA degree at a Florida public institution or work with an advisor to receive approval to complete pre-approved courses.
      • Once you select the State College or State University that you plan to attend, discuss the requirements to earn an AA degree with an advisor at that institution.
    3. In addition to completing the general requirements stipulated in #2 above, students should complete at least six (6) hours of approved courses for their major with grades of “B” or better. Email  for pre-approval of these courses or for assistance with identifying eligible institutions and courses to meet this requirement.
    4. File your readmission application by the posted reapplication deadline for the semester you plan to readmit to UCF. You may apply while your coursework for steps 2 and 3 is still in progress as long as it is on track to be completed before the start of the term you are seeking readmission for. The deadlines for readmission applications are the same as transfer applications.
    5. Please note that you will have 15 days from the day that you submit your readmission application to complete this college-specific portion of the process.

    Completing the steps above does not guarantee readmission to UCF or to the major of your choice.

Online Readmission Application Instructions

Only those students seeking a second-degree immediately upon graduation, and students applying for Academic Amnesty, may request a paper Readmission Application.

Please email with the subject line “Request for Readmission Application”All others must apply online; no other paper Readmission Application will be accepted.

Please follow the process below:

  1. Log on to myUCF using your student ID and password
  2. Click on Student Self Service > Student Center
  3. Once on the Student Center page, go to the Other Academic… dropdown menu and scroll down to Readmission Application.
  4. Read all instructions on the form. Please note: if you were previously disqualified, you will need to include a personal statement indicating the reason for your previous academic difficulties, and your specific plans for ensuring academic success in future semesters.
  5. If you have attended another institution since last enrollment, you must submit all official transcripts. Failure to do so may delay your ability to register for classes.
  6. After submitting the online application, your application status can be found at: > Student Self Service > Student Center > Other Academic… > Readmission Application Status.

Application Deadlines for Readmission:

  • Summer: April 1
  • Fall: July 1
  • Spring: November 1

Only students applying for Academic Amnesty or who have completed an online Readmission application, but the decision was deferred may request a paper Readmission Application.  You must submit the “Application for Undergraduate Readmission” to the Registrar’s Office (Millican Hall 161) by the deadline for each term published within the current Undergraduate Catalog.

Who is not eligible for readmission to UCF?

Students who are disqualified with a grade point deficiency of thirty (30) grade points or greater, or who have been excluded are not eligible for readmission to the university.

NOTE: Per Florida Statute 1009.21, all students are required to update residency documents on file before the payment deadline of the term readmitted. The claimant must submit copies of two (2) documents or more that support the claim that they have lived/worked in Florida for 12 consecutive months prior to the term of readmission to