Meet Our Students, Alumni and Industry Partners

Meet Our Students, Alumni and Industry Partners

Our Students

At UCF’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management, every student is unique. They have various backgrounds and experiences as well as diverse personal and professional goals, but they have one thing in common — they decided that Rosen College was the best place to pursue their undergraduate degree. Take a moment to meet a few of our students (see links below), learn about their experience at Rosen College and what it’s like to live, learn and work in the heart of hospitality.

Meet Some Alumni too:

Our Alumni have great stories to tell about their experiences as students and now how their Rosen College degree is impacting their career. Checkout our podcast style #RosenRevisited video playlist to hear from our alumni. You’ll enjoy their candid answers, insight and professional journeys.

Meet Our Internship and Study Abroad Students!

Meet Some of our Industry Partners

Rosen College students benefit from the partnerships that Rosen College has with the biggest names in the industry. They are guest speakers in classes, employers that recruit our students for internships and full-time positions and serve on College Advisory Boards. Find out why these industry leaders know that a degree from the Rosen College will open doors for you into the world’s largest industry.


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Olivier Chavy, President, Panorama









David John, Chief Operating Officer of Entertainment Technology Partners (ETP)









Marco A. Manzie, Founder/President, Paramount Hospitality Management









Thomas Mazloum, President, Disney Signature Experiences











Paul Mears III, President, Hello! Destination Management