Undergraduate Certificate Program in Hospitality & Tourism Management

Undergraduate Certificate Program in Hospitality & Tourism Management


Total Program Fee

The total cost of the Program (Total Program Fee) will be USD$4000 per student. Payments will be made by your home institution to UCF two weeks before the arrival of students. You are highly encouraged to pay the program fee to your home institution once you are admitted into the program so that your home institution can arrange payments to UCF on your behalf on time. The payment will cover the cost of professors teaching courses, transportation to and from Walt Disney World housing, printing and duplication, access to UCF library system, UCF student ID card, a graduation reception at the end of program, payments to other UCF departments for services provided, and any other miscellaneous expenses that may arise during the Program. For payment instructions, please contact Rosen College of Hospitality Management, UCF.


Students live in brand new, company-sponsored,  fully-furnished two-, or four-bedroom apartments near the Walt Disney World® Resort.  Click HERE to learn more about the accommodations. A bus system provides students with transportation to work, classes, shopping and social activities. Security is provided.

Students housing will be paid for by the student as a direct deduction from their paycheck each week. This can range from USD$195-$235 depending on housing unit and number of roommates the student has. An accommodation charge covers the housing fee, utilities, high-speed internet, local phone service and transportation. To find more detailed information about the program and Disney housing, please click here.