Undergraduate Certificate Program in Hospitality & Tourism Management

with Academic Internship at Walt Disney World Resort




The Undergraduate Program in Hospitality & Tourism Management consists of 4 courses totaling 12 credit hours. Three courses, or 9 credit hours, will be offered at the Rosen College campus taught by Rosen College professors, one being an academic internship course (3 credit hours) placed at Walt Disney World Resort. The following is a sample of potential courses:

  • Guest Services Management
  • Destination Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Theme Park & Attraction Management
  • Culture & Cuisine
  • History & Culture of Wine
  • Academic internship

The Undergraduate Certificate Program in Hospitality & Tourism Management requires students to successfully complete 12 credit hours of coursework. These credits will not count toward a degree at UCF but will be applied toward the students’ graduation requirements at their home institutions. A student will be awarded the Certificate of Completion in Hospitality & Tourism Management from UCF Rosen College after successful completion of all the requirements for the Program.

UCF will provide each student participating in this Program with a computer account that allows electronic mail and access to the Internet, WebCT, and UCF’s Library’s online facilities. Internet access and a notebook computer are required for class work outside of the class meeting times. Notebook computers will be available for purchase from the Rosen College at orientation if needed.