Rosen College Webinars

Rosen College Webinars

UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management launched a series of webinars, beginning in the summer of 2020. The webinar series include:

  • Abraham Pizam Dean’s Distinguished Lecture Series
  • Dick Pope Sr. Insitute for Tourism Studies Research Colloquiums
  • Research Recovery Rescaling
  • Research Recovery & Reskill

The webinars are research-based, appealing to academics, industry partners and friends, alumni and students, as the topics range from business management to personal/professional development.  All webinars are recorded live via Zoom and available on the Rosen College YouTube Channel.   Links to the webinars have also been compiled on this page for your ease of viewing.


September 18, 2020, Research Colloquium

  • Sergio Alvarez, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, UCF Rosen College: The Economic Impact of Tropical Cyclones on Mature Destinations
  • Melissa Farboudi, Ph.D., Post Doctoral Scholar, UCF Rosen College: Antecedents of Hotel Employees’ Tendecy to Help Victims of Human Trafficking

October 16, 2020, Research Colloquium

  • Piotr Zientara, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Gdansk, Poland: CSR Practice inthe Hotel Industry: A Case Study of Hilton’s Lightstay
  • Valeriya Shapoval, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, UCF Rosen College: Evaluation of COVID-19 Pandemic Effects on the Hospitaity Industry Using General Systems Theory, the Cases of USA, Israel and Sweden

  • Webinar  #1, Wednesday, May 20, 2020: The resilience and vulnerability of Small Lodgings in Florida: The Impact of COVID-19
  • Webinar #2, Wednesday, May 27, 2020: The impact of COVID-19 on the vacation home industry in Florida
  • Webinar #3, Wednesday, June 10, 2020: Travel intentions during COVID-19
  • Webinar #4, Wednesday, July 15, 2020: Industry-Academia Partnerships and Implications for the Hospitality Industry During COVID-19
  • Webinar #5, Wednesday, July 29, 2020: A Recipe for the Future: Innovation and Adaptation amid the Post COVID-19 Recovery

Summer Series

  • Webinar #1, Friday, May 15, 2020: Anticipated travel and tourism trends as a result of COVID-19 (Part 1)
  • Webinar #2, Friday, May 29, 2020: Anticipated travel and tourism trends as a result of COVID-19 (Part 2)
  • Webinar #3, Friday, June 12, 2020: Building Resilience During Challenging Times
  • Webinar #4, Friday, June 26, 2020: Leadership, Communication and HR Strategies in Times of Crisis
  • Webinar #5, Friday, July 10, 2020: Leading Through Technology, Innovation, and Change Management
  • Webinar #6, Friday, July 24, 2020: Financial Implications of Crisis: Understanding the Impact
  • Webinar #7, Friday, August 7, 2020: Personal Branding Strategies in an Adverse Business Environment
  • Webinar #8, Friday, August 21, 2020: Mentoring: Enhancing Yourself and Your Career

Fall Series

  • Webinar #1, Thursday, September 24, 2020: Mentorship: Making Meaningful and Impactful Connections
  • Webinar #2, Thursday, October 1, 2020: Mental Health Strategies for Dealing with Isolation
  • Webinar #3, Thursday, October 8, 2020: Service with a Mask: Managing Emotions and Stress during COVID-19
  • Webinar #4, Thursday, October 15, 2020: Lessons from Astronauts on Dealing with Isolation
  • Webinar #5, Thursday, October 22, 2020: Finding Purpose: A Life Check Up
  • Webinar #6, Thursday, November 5, 2020: The Personal Pivot, A Panel Discussion
  • Webinar #7: Thursday, November 12, 2020: Events During a Pandemic: How to Create Impactful and Effective Virtual Experiences